With more than 7 billion meals served each year in France, the (commercial and mass) catering industry is one of the largest producers of biodegradable food waste, equating to approximately 900,000 tonnes: out-dated foodstuffs, preparation scraps, table scraps... These are what we call food waste.

In mass catering, this is the result of preparation scraps and waste (kitchens) and consumption leftovers on site. Mass catering (schools, social services, hospitals, etc.) generates a volume of 500,000 tonnes of waste per year.

This exceeds the volume of biodegradable waste produced by commercial catering (400,000 tonnes/year), with an average of 15 to 16 tonnes per establishment (whereas commercial catering generates around 9 tonnes per establishment).


Finally, the large retailer sector (hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard-discount stores, etc.) is estimated to throw out 2.3 million tonnes of food waste each year in France.


The goal of Facility Management is, among other things, to provide solutions to the challenge of waste processing.


How? With a simple installation (1 electrical outlet)


Where? In the ventilated garbage room, with no complex installation of water drainage system required.


And what to do with the digestate? Reuse it on your green spaces or subscribe to our collection service for once-a-month removal from your site.

The natural and most efficient solution is the TERRA Box composter: make your life easier!


Our users


Public (about 70%) and private (around 30%) establishments coexist within the French healthcare system. These include hospitals, retirement homes, specialist hospital centres. All are faced with the challenge of biodegradable waste processing.

There are 3 main sources of waste:

  • Preparation in the central kitchen
  • Food leftovers or waste from patients
  • Food leftovers or waste from employees


Preschools, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, vocational schools: all these places generate biodegradable waste through mass catering. Let's raise awareness among the new generation about the importance of waste recycling and the fight against waste, so that children are involved in tomorrow's preservation of the environment.




Process the biodegradable waste generated by your central kitchen as well as the leftovers and waste from your guests. They must be recycled in the framework of the circular economy. This approach must be at the heart of your sustainable development initiative. Help protect the planet by responsibly managing your company's impact on the environment.


Optimise your entire environmentally friendly approach with the TERRA Box



  • Opt for our solution and reduce your collection costs.
  • Get a quick Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Provide a comfortable working environment for your eco-responsible employees.

Vegetable waste, caterer’s and baker’s leftovers are unavoidable and generate large volumes of waste, which must be processed quickly and in good conditions to prevent rodent infestations.



To answer your customers’ interrogations and needs, you can provide an innovative, clean and quick-to-implement solution. With ideally suited dimensions, the TERRA Box composter will help meet legal obligations and transform all your customers' food waste into digestate (powder resulting from the digestion of biodegradable waste by micro-organisms), which is then used as fertilizer for plants and green spaces, or to generate biogas through approved channels.




You are one of the 25 major fast-food chains in France, and have the legal obligation to recycle your food waste (above 10 tons per year)?

Bio Tech Environnement has created several TERRA Box with dimensions ideally suited to your needs. Make sure your biodegradable waste is processed and recycled throughout the day. If you can’t or don’t want to recycle on site to produce organic soil conditioner for your green spaces, we can collect it, trace it, and justify our actions to ensure you are in compliance with the regulations.


With Bio Tech Environnement and our offer specially designed and adapted to your activity, provide your customers with an ideally suited solution.

A small tip for all our users:
You can throw paper towels in our TERRA Box if they are compostable!


Health and safety: never compromise on the health and safety of your customers, guests and employees!


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