The TERRA Box, an Electromechanical Composter


  • Our technology is based on constant monitoring of the humidity/room temperature ratio to ensure optimal fermentation of food waste.
  • Odour management is achieved through an activated carbon filter that eliminates bad smell  unavoidable consequence of any fermentation process.
  • The decomposition of organic matter through microorganisms is a natural process. The smallest and most numerous microorganisms are bacteria. There are forty million bacterial cells in one gram of soil and one million bacterial cells in one millilitre of fresh water. In all, it is estimated that there are around five quintillion (5*1030) bacteria in the world. Some survive in a dormant state or as spores (the resistant form of bacteria) when conditions are not favourable, only to come back to life when conditions become optimal once more.



These parent strains are an integral part of the human digestive flora’s ECOSYSTEM, and play a key role in the production of the bacterial flora used by our machines to decompose organic matter.

THERMOPHILIC AEROBIC bacteria are used, which are bacteria that require oxygen, water and temperature conditions between 45° and 70° for optimum growth and performance. These conditions help prevent the multiplication of other undesirable or pathogenic microorganisms that are very sensitive to temperature.

Bacteria ‘”digest” this waste in the presence of air and water. The digestion process starts as soon as we introduce the organic matter into the “TERRA Box Composter” through the action of microorganisms: their powerful enzymes first destroy the cell walls of soft tissue. In addition the bacteria break down the molecules, which are the source of unpleasant odours caused by rotting food waste.

The activity of microorganisms, which is increased tenfold by controlling the temperature of our machines during the fermentation process, results in the massive destruction of active parasites, insect eggs and various germs.
In short, our bacteria are not pathogenic.
This product complies with Directive 2009/54/EC: “microorganisms requiring no special precautions”(Class 1 AFNOR  French Standardisation Association).
Conventional organic waste treatment techniques can cause a secondary fermentation process in the soil with undesirable effects, such as the production of carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane. These harmful gases destroy plant roots. The combination of conventional waste and water can trigger a new fermentation process that weakens and destroys the plants in the vicinity of the remaining matter.

However the organic materials produced by our technology will never cause a second fermentation because they are mainly composed of nitrogen, phosphoric acid, glucose, amino acid and minerals.
Innovative technology at the service of the environment.

Safety and health: never compromise on the health and safety of your guests or employees!




The TERRA Box can be installed in your garbage room or outdoors under a shelter. A standard 220 or 380V electrical outlet is enough.
No complex installation or water drainage system required.

The biodegradable waste is put in throughout the day.

After 12 to 24 hours, the organic waste has lost 90% of its volume and weight, and is transformed into 10% of digestate: NFU 44-051 recyclable organic soil conditioner that you can reuse on site if you have green spaces, or we can collect this digestate and provide you with comprehensive traceability in compliance with regulations.